Richard Becker

Wildlife & Conservation Photography


A summer evening in the garden. Myrmica ruginodis ants were swarming on one side of the garden with lots of males and new queens taking to wing, while on the other side their cousins Myrmica rubra were dragging down the males and dismembering them.

Spring Green

Looking upwards in an oakwood just after the leaves have unfurled. Multiple exposure, rotating the camera between exposures,

Bombus lucorum

A male bumblebee feeding on Salvia 'Serenade' in a garden. He seemed to find these flowers too complicated and was having difficulty feeding. His sisters were having no trouble finding the way into the nectar. No wonder males are usually found lazing around on open flowers such as thistles and

Green Hairstreak

I found this green hairstreak (Callophrys rubi) butterfly feeding on may blossom on a sunny spring afternoon.